So while our time at Sky High has been amazing [even the second time around]…


The video I posted the other day of my singing was actually found by a recording company in California and after going down for a meeting they want to sign me on! Except, well, I have to move down there… So unfortunately the Barton-Hawke family are packing up once more and moving to cool old Cali. I’ll keep in touch as always!


That’s great, sweetie, oh my god!

I’ll miss you, though.  A lot.  But you’ll be in California, that’s fantastic!

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Well, students and faculty..


My time at Sky High has been absolutely wonderful. I believe I have done well at this school and believe me, it has been a mark on my soul I will carry for the rest of my life, not just my resume. However, it is most unfortunate for me to say that my time here has come to an end. There are battles to be won on the skirmish lines of politics, and that is where I should be. With the Mutant Non-Discrimination Act coming into focus they need me more down on the surface than you need me up here. But believe me, children and staff, I will not cease our fight. I truly believe that one day we will be free of the oppression of this society that has thrown us so many curve balls. I have officially passed my title off to Professor Elijah Parks, or perhaps you know him better as E. I believe that he will do you all quite well at this phenomenal school—perhaps even better than I—and I wish you the best with him. If there is one piece of advice I would like for you to take from me, it is that there is no need to stress about such small things. Your life will indeed go on regardless of the things you go through, and you will come out a better person because you had the courage to press past it. 

I wish you all the best in everything you do, and while my time was short I hope you do not forget me as your former Headmaster.

Officially signing off, 

Headmaster Cyprus.


Oh, I just teared up a little.  Or maybe a lot.

I’ll miss you!  We’ll all miss you, you were a wonderful headmaster.

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So…I have some pretty exciting news.


How far along are you?


Just about a month.

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So…I have some pretty exciting news.


That’s great news, congratulations.

Thank you, Clint!

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Anonymous asked:

So did you hear about the guy that OD'd? Pretty pathetic, huh?

No, it is certainly not pathetic! It’s very, very unfortunate!

How dare you even say something like that?! How dare you-I shouldn’t…I shouldn’t let myself get too angry, the…the baby, I…I hope he recovers soon.

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So…I have some pretty exciting news.


Gaah! Congratulations!! ;as;ofkdi That’s wonderful!

Thank you so much, Katie!.

We’re both very excited.

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So…I have some pretty exciting news.

We’ve been keeping it quiet for a while because we wanted to be sure, but now that it’s been a few weeks, well…I think I can finally tell you all.

Bruce and I are having a baby!

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A Joyful Uncertainty || Bretty


Bruce felt his stomach lurch and twist as he stared directly into his wife’s eyes. He wanted it to be true, Lord did he want it all the be true. But he was scared. What if they’re like me. The thought had haunted Bruce ever since he started thinking about having a child. What if it’s a monster like me? But every time he thought this he had to stop himself. No, that’s wrong to think that way….that’s how he would think. It made him sick to feel himself start turning into his father. But now he understood how Brian thought, having a son with diseased genes. No. I won’t turn into him. I will never become him.

Bruce straightened up and took Betty’s hands in his, stroking her shaking hands with his fingers. “Betty…” He said with unease. And she said it. Those two words that would change everything. Pregnant. He couldn’t breathe, he tried to inhale but no oxygen would reach his lungs. “Preg-” He tried, needing the urge to scream but was too shocked to move. “I’m gonna be a dad?” Suddenly, like a switch being turned on, a tidle wave of emotions flooded in. Bruce put a hand over his mouth to stifle his gasp. “I’m going to be a dad…” Ecstasy. “I’M GOING TO BE A DAD!” He scooped Betty up in his arms and twirled her around in the air, laughing and crying. 

Tensions rendered Betty immobile.  She was stiff, the test in hand as she watched her husband take it all in, and absorb the news she had just given him.  She felp panic rise in her throat.  They hadn’t planned for this, they didn’t know it was possible.  They, of all people, should have been the only ones able to tell if it was possible or not.  Not only because they were hulks, but they had been the scientists responsible for the original one.  But they were the exception to the rule, they were uncharted territory.  Not even then could know for sure what was, or wasn’t, possible in their biology.  Now, they were discovering that.

She felt a huge wave of relief as Bruce twirled her around.  She let out a loud laugh, finally able to relax.  She was still scared, of course, just like any mother-to-be, but even more so.  There was a very high chance that their child would be, well, just like them.  It wouldn’t necessarily be a burden.  But what if it was?  But right then and there, they were happy.  ”You’re gonna be a dad!” she giggled happily.  ”And I…I’m going to be a mom!  A mommy!” she cried.  Being a mother was one of her biggest desires.  She had always wanted a child.  And now, she would be blessed to give birth to a little bundle of joy, product of her and Bruce’s love.  It wouldn’t be perfect.  Not a perfect pregnancy, that was.  Because she was sure, that anything that came from the two of them, would be imperfectly perfect.

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Texts || Cassie & Betty
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Texts || Cassie & Betty
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